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dressed in beautiful turquois satin
loongyis, white
wired aingyies, beads, etc.

January 4, 1922 - Wednesday

I went back to language school this
morning; there are so many other
things I'd rather do than study Burmese.
We began on the second chapter of John,
sang a new song - The light of the world
is Jesus' - and had a new lesson out of
the primer; trying to make up for the
time out Monday, I suppose. The prince,
who is rather insignificant looking,
left for Mandalay tonight. We are near
enough to hear the band & see the
lights of G. House. In fact ordinarily
the paniwallah carries all our water
from there; the premises are closed to
him at present, & in consquence I've
been rather short of aqua pura(?).
I tried to see Miss Hughes today but failed,
she called here this afternoon but no
one knew I was at home, so again I did
not get to see her. Have not copied Dr.
Robbins' letter yet. Wrote on No. 4 note
book after school as Miss Teel will soon
be ready for it. Practised awhile on my
typewriter Sun. aft. for the first time.
Had the deaf children go over the elements
they know at noon.

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January 5, 1922 - Thursday

Language school five hours per day is a
long session; Misses Seagrave & Teel did not
come this afternoon, so Miss Davis helped me
while Saya Ah Sou coached Miss Geis; I
siezed the opportunity to ask a number of
questions. Got letters from Miss Bertley and
Judy Savage today - also Mary Pettus; must get cards
to them off on the next English mail
boat (Got a Christmas card & tract from Mrs. Mary
Craig). Letters from Miss Annie McKinney,
Belle Denny and Katharine Feugel Dozier
(the first) yesterday. We had a much inter-
rupted [interrupted] dinner as Miss C. had a headache
and left the table after the second course,
Miss W. going up with her of course; then
she had hardly gotten seated when Mang
Galay got his nail torn off in the door by
Bolo; I had to cut it off (it was hanging by
the skin at the top only) and hold him
while iodine was applied and it was fi-
nally [finally] tied up in grease for the night. China
made up to me before dinner more than
she ever has before. The papers are still full
of the prince. The dhoby brought the clothes
today, but we'll have to get a new one as he
won't do our wash any more. Letter from Miss
Parrott yes-

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