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January 8, 1922 - Sunday

Chota was a little later this morning as we
knew the children would be worn out after
their two strenuous days. Went to S. S. but was
late, I'm sorry to say; recognized one of the
Guides in the class Mr. Phinney teaches. The
lesson, a rather interesting one, was from
Philemon. When we all went up stairs later,
there was no one to play, so I volunteered
to perform as best I could at the piano.
Met Miss Hastings coming out; she had
just gotten there as "Lizzie" had balked again
somewhere on the road; I'd sell the darn
ed [darned] old rattletrap and quit being worried
with it, as well as a nuisance to everyone
else. Sent the Maltese lace collars to Mary
Pettus and Katharine Dozier, along with a
lot of old programs, etc., & brief letters; at
least got them all ready to mail, which I'll
have to do tomorrow a.m. Wrote cards to
Margaret & Florence Pettus, Miss Parrott at
Mandalay, Miss Bertley, Julia Savage, Belle
Denny, Miss Annie McKinney, Jeannette Mc-
Cord [McCord]; & got "Main Street" ready to send to Helen
Tufts, who is in the hospital at Moulmein, to
read. I loaned it to Miss C. almost as soon as it
came, so haven't read myself yet - but it looks

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very long.

January 9, 1922 - Monday

This has been a great day. At my suggestion, sec-
onded [seconded] by Miss Seagraves, we had a holiday this p.m.,
so I did not have to "take" one after all in order to at-
tend [attend] the Ragatta in Dalhousie Park. Met Dr. & Mrs.
Thomas for the first time, the latter mailing
my book & letters for me. There are two Ameri-
can [American] ladies, former school-teachers I believe,
staying at the Guest House now, but I haven't
met them yet. Wrote cards to the four Pettus
boys. We all piled in the "motor lorry," kindly
loaned Miss C. for the week, and went out to
the park from J. Hall. As the others did not
come out to breakfast for fear of missing the
prince, I finally went there to see what had be-
come [become] of them; H.R.H., however, played polo just
behind them all morning, and never came
near them, though some of this staff did.
The scenes at the Royal Lakes were very gor-
geous [gorgeous] and colorful; saw a number of people
I knew which is always a matter for con-
gratulation [congratulation] when one has been here as short
a time as I. Took four snap shots, which I
hope will be good; I have two rolls at DeSousa's
now. Had a wonderful dinner at Mr. Furnival's
where we had a fine view of the lakes and
boathouse in the distance; the prince passed
twice. Miss W. & I got the wrong men as dinner
partners; the salad, chicken & dessert were [fine?]

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