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January 10, 1922 - Tuesday

We all went to Lewis Street jetty this morning in or-
der [order] to see the prince off. Mr. & Mrs. Safford were the
only ones of the missionaries I happened to see, so,
as they began it, I gave them an earful as the the
needs of the deaf and the school here. It is plain to
be seen that whatever is said in the committee-
room [commitee-room] is no secret but soon spreads to all the
outposts even. Miss C. and all the children & teach-
ers [teachers] went home in a taxi, except Ma Sein Tha
and myself, who had to go on a car; reaching
the house, however, almost as soon as the
others. Miss W. also came out later, as she went
by McKenzie's to see about the auto. In the aft. we
went to J. Hall again; I missed my daily bath as
I was so busy gathering up loose ends all noon, I
had no time for it then, and with only cold water
for this purpose it is apt to keep me awake if
taken at night; so I always like to get it in in
the daytime, either at noon or after school or
tea, as the case may be. Read some in "Half the
Battle in Burmese," loaned me by Miss C., for the
first time. Miss C. was sick again in the night, evi-
dently [evidently] something she ate at the dinner last eve
did not "set" well with her. Many of our visitors on
the stage came back the second time. Mr. Morris,
from Insein, who has the exhibit in charge, has
been among the most interested. I've bought some
black pottery and lacquerware but wish to buy some
additional things before the exposition closes.

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January 11, 1922 - Wednesday

Back in language school, so there is nothing excit-
ing [exciting] to relate. The others were at J. Hall both this a.m.
& p.m. as usual. When I got back this aft. the Eng-
lish [English] mail had arrived, so of course I had to read
it before I could do any thing else; then had tea,
dressed, & went to the expo. by trolley as I would
have had to wait over twenty minutes for a train.
Had my bath at noon. Got Christmas cards from
Misses Cook & Houston at the blind school; and
letters from Mary Pettus and Ruth Theis; the latter
is going to be married - or rather, probably is
by this time, as she intended to be at Christ-
mas [Christmas]; I'll send her something for a bridal
gift. Later I got a letter from Mary Behan; she
is expecting a visit from the stork in March.
Her oldest girl is in school this year; tempus
fugit. Mary P. is delighted with Georgetown this
year, and so my insistence that she return
there has come out all right; she now says that
she wants all her brothers and sisters to go there
to school; Margaret will probably be there with her
next year. I washed out a pr. of white stockings
and a handkerchief at noon. I wash all my
hose. Paid the old dhoby three rupees, at Miss
C's suggestion, witholding four eight, as I never
got back Mrs. McGuire's big bathtowel, nor my
table napkin & handkerchief that he lost. I
read "The Interior Journal" this evening; have
only been getting one a week here lately will have
to write to some one and jog them up about it.

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