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ry [sorry], I'll wager; here I bought four yellow (all dif-
ferent) cotton native
shawls, most of which I'll send home, as I think
they'll make nice table covers; two round black
& gold lacquer boxes, and one rectangular red
one (rather large); two more round red trays,
& a gold one and two other samples of native weaving, that
will do for runners, as they are rather long and
narrow. We were quite loaded on the homeward
jaunt, as we took lace pillows, the trunk of
school-room supplies, etc., with us.

January 14, 1922 - Saturday

Saturday went to class half an hr. early, but Saya was just
about that late, so it was the usual time when
we got out, & set off for the city to visit the Chinese
bazaars; we couldn't find what we wanted
therein, however, so went to the Phayre St. store,
which I had never visited before. Stopped first
at de S's, thinking I'd get my prints, etc., at once,
but as they had failed to make one, there was
quite a delay with demands, explanations, etc.
Saw Mr. Gard who told me quite a little news in
a short space of time, among other things that Dr.
Gifford at Moulmein was given a Kaiser-in-Hind gold
medal at the New Year presentations; I read
over the list but did not remember seeing
her name; must write & congratulate her.
I bought the Chinese satin em. slippers for bed
room use that I have been wanting; and 4
sets of blue em. to send home. Misses C., W, Ma Sein Tha,
Ma Thwait and Bolo got off to Bhamo about 4:30
The five thousand rupees in honor of the

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prince's visit has finally materialized to my
great relief, for
I was beginning to think it was a myth.

January 15, 1922 - Sunday

The foggiest morning I've seen in Burma and
quite chilly too. China coughed all night so
that Ma Nyein even heard her downstairs;
I went to Lammadaw Burmese church with
the latter this morning, & when I returned
I dosed the former on cough drops, swabbed
out her throat with iodine and rubbed her
chest with grease - to her deep disgust. Had
hoped to get that long letter off home today,
but had so many other things to do that it
was impossible. Put away the white dress I
wore to the dinner last Mon; got a cake of
soap out of the bottom of my trunk; put the
black pottery & lacquer I bought at the exhib-
it [exhibit] down there; also got out my Pettus cake;
put the shawls & runners in the wardrobe;
readdressed a letter to Miss W.; wrote cards to
Miss C., Mr. Robertson of Danville, Mrs. Hepton-
stall [Heptonstall], Ruth Theis, etc. Yes. after tea and last eve I read "Thibaw's
Queen" by Fielding; rather interesting & not very
long. Copied a page out of note-book only, but
jobbed all aft. Failed to get my daily bath. The
clean clothes came in yes.; after sunning
them, I put them away. My newest white
canvas slippers are about worn out - worse
luck - they were bought at a sample shoe
house in Portland, Oregon, so I suppose were

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