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well worn ere I got them. Got a Christmas pres-
ent [present] of a night-
gown [nightgown] from Mary Reid yesterday; also a letter
from a member of Mrs. Reid's Bible class, P.D.,
saying they had sent me a box & wished to give
me a magazine; & a card from Bernice Beisch-
el [Beischel] of Greensboro, N.C. to all of whom I also wrote to-
day [today], as well as Frances James Miller Haynes.

January 16, 1922 - Monday

I met the Thomases in the hall at the Guest
House this a.m. & they told me they were on
their way back to Insein; I don't know any
of the details as yet. Readdressed two letters for
Miss C., & one for both, & sent Miss W. a post-
card [postcard] today. Banked the R5000/ at noon; this
p.m. sent the letter by boy & got R25/ in return
Ispahany's fees made another R15. Had a postal
from Miss C. this aft. Have been reading our
"Amerian Baptist Missions in Burma, 1920"
given me by Mrs. Petty of Portland last spring;
Mrs. Phinney also gave me two copies soon after
I arrived & I sent one to Mrs. McClary of S.,
& the other to Florence Woodburn (I believe) of
Vancouver, Washington. Had another brief
letter from Miss Parrott this p.m. Dr. King-
sley [Kingsley] was here today; China's cough was bet-
ter [better] so she seemed to think she was all
right; nevertheless I gave her another rub
& coughdrop at bedtime last eve, & again
tonight. Asked the teachers to buy me stamps
the next time they go to Kemendine.


January 17, 1922 - Tuesday

Miss Laughlin from the S.P.G. school and three friends were out a
a little while this evening; the former gave
eight annas to the children for peanuts, or
groundnuts, as they called out here; I
gave it to Ma Nyein, when they had gone, so
she could buy them the next time they take
the youngsters for a walk. I siezed upon
this afternoon to do a lot of odd jobs; strung
my corals, which have been needing atten-
tion [attention] for sometime; cut my fingernails -
at Po May's (our largest deaf girl) suggest-
ion [suggestion]; wrote a card to Miss C., & forwarded sev-
eral [several] letters. A money order came for the
school but as they wouldn't let me sign it
I told them to bring it back next week. I have
"Burma Painted and Described by R. Talbot Kelly"
loaned me by Mr. Ah Sou which I have begun
and find quite interesting, especially with its
many illustrations in color. I bought two
pairs of chop sticks from Miss Davis, one of my
class-mates, yesterday; "Saya" bought them at
bazaar Saturday morning when out with
us, and as he had to get a bunch of a dozen,
she was glad to pass part of them on. I do
not care for them myself as I've seen them
lots of times, but I'll send them home to
some of the youngsters to whom they'll [be?]

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"annas" refers to their currency.