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January 18, 1922 - Wednesday

The English mail, which always causes a
small flurry of excitement, came at noon.
I sent three letters on to Bhamo, and then
examined my own receipts; there was one
from Altman's about my cretonnes; anoth-
er from Lamport & Holt, Liverpool about
this and my English films & prints, which
finally came - last month - to my great
joy; one from Margaret Pettus - this family
has been better about writing than any body
else - so far; and "The Book of Remembrance"
from Mrs. Hinson of the Columbia River Dis-
trict [District]. It is the truth that for several days
I had been thinking of this very thing, won-
dering [wondering] when and where I could get one; and
even considered ordering one from one from head-
quarters [headquarters] in New York, when this arrived to fill
my need. This p.m. one "Interior Journal"
arrived; I've written to the postmaster here, &
also a card to Belle Denny at home to inquire
into the reason why half - or more - never
reach me; though, as a matter of fact, it
may be that the real trouble is not at eith-
er end of the line. Miss Davis and I went to
see Mrs. Wiatt about accomodations at the
Guest House the last of the month; the St.
John's go home on the 16th of February for

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their year's leave; and Miss Campbell is ex-
pected [expected] here on the 28th of this month, I believe.

January 19, 1922 - Thursday

Today the package contain-
ing [containing] Miss Annie McKinney's & Belle Denny's X
gifts arrived - an apron & table cover respect-
ively [respectively], with blue predominating, and much
appreciated. I bought a Kachin belt from
Miss Seagraves yes. at R4/ which I shall pro-
bably [probably] send home. Miss Geis had had hold
of her R's hair and it looked better than I've
ever seen it, but today it was put up
most any old way as usual. I woke up think-
ing [thinking] of Harry Beckett yes. for some unknown
reason, & had him on my mind all day; for
the benefit of the Society of Psychical Research
I'll just make a note of it here and see if any-
thing [anything] comes of it later. Mrs. Wingate sent a lot
of curtains, etc. for the school yes., to which I
replied with a note of thanks, as they happen-
ed [happened] to arrive at noon while I was here; today 2
more were sent, so Ma Nyein had to reply as I
was at school. I suspect the children were cold
last night, as I was, & these people out here seem
to feel it so much more than we new arriv-
als [arrivals] do; there are a score of lovely new blankets,
given us by a charitable Indian, but they are
safely locked up some where & not available
now that they are needed; I gave the youngst

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