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each a curtain tonight - at least they'll
have that much additional.

January 20, 1922 - Friday

Last night I washed out my gray silk stock-
ings [stockings] given my by Mrs. Delore; this morning I
darned them & then I donned them; they
have given valiant service on shipboard and
since. This being a short school day, I put in a
busy afternoon; loaded my kodak; type wrote the
forms for city funds for Miss C - from whom
I had a card today saying they would return
Monday; - wrote cards to Mary Rettus, Margaret
and Anna Behan; a business letter to Cousin
Joe Paxton, sending the Ben O. Smith correspon-
dence [correspondence]; took a bath; had tea; went to call on
Mrs. Grove, the American lady in the neigh-
borhood [neighborhood], but unfortunately she was not at
home; and was reading "Half the Battle in
Burmese" (loaned me by Miss C.) when Mrs.
Hogg and her cousin came with cakes left
from a tea she gave this afternoon. I invited
them to be seated & to my surprise they re-
mained [remained] quite awhile; I fear I did most of
the talking, but I had a glorious theme - Amer-
ica [America]. These are the ladies who had charge of
the needlework booth at the Fancy Fair
held at Gymkhana Club in December for
the benefit of the School for the Deaf, and
[at] which about three thousand rupees were

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cleared & added to the building fund.

January 21, 1922 - Saturday

We had an earthquake for a change this morn-
ing [morning] about 3:25 o'clock; I was awakened instantly
by what may or may not have been the first and
hardest shock, and realizing what it was did
not bother to get up; later there came a second
one, and I could hear the girls talking down
stairs, and such a yelping as there was of these
mangy curs that go by the name of dogs out
here! Later today Ma Nyein told me what time
it was, as I had not looked at my watch. I
had intended going to town early, as Mr. Purser of
the S.P.G. was going to lecture on phonetics on I
cut class, having had no less than three such
courses already; but my package from Mrs.
Reid's Bible class of the East Portland Baptist
Church was delivered, so I had to see it - and
once opened there was no getting away from
it. There was what had once been a fruit cake,
still delicious in its crumbly state, but all
the candy, dates and raisins had to be picked
out; the latter stemmed; and worst of all, the
tissue and silver paper pulled out bit by bit.
When I finally got through there were the two
largest meat dishes full, and it was break-
fast [breakfast] time. I went down into the city afterwards,
to DeSouza's for my films & prints; to the press to
pay my bill, etc; to the two Chinese shops where
I bought two silver & king fisher feather pins at

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