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quitoes [mosquitoes], always bad, have been worse these
last few days.

January 24, 1922 - Tuesday

The heat continues, I'm sorry to say; if it is this
way in what is supposed to be winter, there is no
telling what the summer is like. I finished the
third page of my letter, all I will sent at this time;
I made six copies, but the last one is not very good,
so I'll have to send to some one with good eyes,; will
try to get off tomorrow. I left school half an hr. early
this morning in order to get off my letters, and
then did not have enough money with me to pay
the postage on the shawls and chopsticks. We had
some talk in class about where we will go for hot
season again today. Miss S. seems to have backed
out accompanying us altogether. I didn't go to fort-
nightly [fortnightly] prayer meeting tonight, as I don't know
where it was to be; last week was the regular time,
but it was postponed on account of the week of pray-
er [prayer]. I suppose I shall have to begin to pack tomorrow,
an operation I always dread, for I've done it so much
that it is no longer a novelty with me, but more or
less of a necessary nuisance. At present I cannot
plan very far ahead as I do not know just where I'm
going to land. Washed out stockings this aft. Miss C.
likes my raisins; we've about devoured all the
candy. Miss Peck is at the Guest House; she is making
a blue silk dress before starting home. Misses
Price and Thayer, in addition to the St. John's, also go
home next month. We are invited to Salvation
Army Hall tomorrow eve to meet some of the new
people who have just come out; one of the women
[is an] erstwhile teacher of the deaf. To bed, to bed.

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January 25, 1922 - Wednesday

At Miss C's suggestion I had Ma Nyein teach yes.
noon, mostly articulation, to see if they thorough-
ly [thoroughly] understand the chart and English sounds.
Ma Aye Min taught today and Ma Sein Tha will
tomorrow. I've been wanting to give an exam &
have been warning them that it was coming,
so I made out a part of the questions at noon
yes. & the rest after school. We had a short school
session Mon. this wk. instead of Tues., as usual,
on acc't of Mr. Ah Sou having an exam over
at government school. Miss W. copied two extra
pp. of questions and gave the girls their test
this eve from 5 to 6:30; I gave 30 questions, any
five to be omitted, with the exception of the
five I designated to be answered. I marked
them before & since dinner; they did very
well, I'm glad to say. May A. W. especially so,
as she got 94 1/3 while Ma N. got 86 1/2 and Ma S. J.
85 1/3; when you consided that they are working
in a foreign language and are all young, the for-
mer [former] only 18, the others 20, they deserve all the
more credit. Mr. Wiatt got back from India yes. &
Dr. Robbins is expected next week, so I hear. None of us
went to the S. Army reception - I couldn't well go a-
lone [alone]. Didn't get any packing, on account of letters
and exams. I asked to have Po May knot my shall &
tan table runner as Ma Nyein told me she could do
it quite nicely. The Burmese commissioner whose
mother-in-law's funeral we attended has now [lost]

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