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his wife.

January 26, 1922 - Thursday

A visitor came in while Ma S.T. was teaching
at noon; the latter was so nervous that the per-
spiration [perspiration] trickled down the back of her neck &
her hands shook, but she did very well. I
phoned Mr. Phinney to know if he could move
me tomorrow, & he said he would send for
my things about 2 p.m.; so I packed
every spare moment at noon, & all aft; am
through the most of it, but am not done yet.
Gave Miss Walden back the small jar of su-
gar [sugar], and returned crayons & gift papers to
Miss C. Shall ask for the loan of "Half the Bat-
tle [Battle] in Burmese" for a week. Hope none of my
things will get broken as they are none too well
packed. I pass strings of racing ponies every
morning on our way to class as they are being
led somewhere, and nearly every afternoon I see
them going back. I also notice loads of rice
straw being hauled by on the small - to Ameri-
cans [Americans] - two wheeled bullock carts; I must get a
picture of them some day. I never tire of
watching the crowds out here, such a di-
versity [diversity] of people, and when down in the
city I become so absorbed I sometimes for-
get [forget] where I am going. I haven't gotten a good
picture of the elephants working in the
teak yard yet, though I've made at least
two attempts, Sat. A.M. I must try again;
think I'll walk down, as it is not so far from

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January 27, 1922 - Friday

I moved this p.m., but instead of 2 o'clock it was
not yet one when the coolies appeared; Mr. Fischer
sent me a note stating that he had sent three, but
when all was done there were six! however I
did not pay them tho' I gave each a pice buck-
sheesh [bucksheesh]. I went over the exam papers with the
girls at noon, and then gave them a short talk
first taking the pictures of all the school people
before the youngsters were sent to bed - only hope
they will be good. Had tea all alone, as both Misses
Peak & Peterson were out; ditto dinner; I saw a
light in Dr. Kelly's room awhile ago; otherwise I
am alone. Miss Davis expects to come up tomor-
row [tomorrow] after breakfast; she won't have as much bag-
gage [baggage] as I; with all my plunder I've pretty well
filled up the room. We have clean curtains, mos-
quito [mosquito] bar, etc. I'm now pretty well unpacked, &
have also washed out half a dozen handkerchiefs,
a pr. stockings & the dust rag. Killed four large
roaches, & find plenty of mouse tracks about. It
was awfully hot in this room this afternoon; Jo-
seph [Joseph] says it is cooler down stairs, which I do not
doubt. Miss Hastings brought the home mail this
p.m.; I got Christmas letters from Lucile Cooper,
Evelyn Humphreys, Miss Gibbons; and a card from
Emma Thruston. The papers may be along tomor-
row [tomorrow]. Went over to show Miss Tul my kodak prints
but only the servants were there as all had gone
out somewhere. Think I'll turn in early and fin-
ish [finish] up the odds and ends tomorrow.

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