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January 28, 1922 - Saturday

Finished unpacking this morning; Mr. Purser
lectured again today for the third time, so I did
not go down. Mr. & Mrs. Evans arrived from
Moulmein early this a.m. so were down for
chota-hazuri; Mr. & Mrs. Harris, baby girl and
Karen nurse also arrived later in the day.
I went to town after breakfast; took three pic-
tures [pictures]; got my prints from de Souza's, went
to the press, where I drew fifty rupees; then
to the library where I drew two books - "Ass-
ka [Asska]" and "The Burman", the last in two volumes,
what the white ants have left of the second; &
back to the Guest House in time for tea. Miss
Davis arrived about the same time, with
steamer trunk, packing box, canvass sack,
basket, suitcase, table, etc. We went to the exer-
cises [exercises] of the Karen Woman's Bible school at five
o'clock after we'd had our bath, etc. Had nice
drinks of bael fruit, I think my first experience,
& aerated water; and lady fingers, fudge and
some kind of candy with ground peanuts in
it - all good. I made a very few remarks at
somebody's suggestion, and Mrs. Rose gave each
of us her picture. We only have one sheet on
each bed, and there is no limeade as yet; not
quite so warm today, it seems. I asked Mrs. H. who

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is a great talker, about necessary house fur-
nishings [furnishings] & got
some real information. Saw Mr. Sowards down town.

January 29, 1922 - Sunday

Miss D. & I went to Judson College Chapel to memo-
rial [memorial] service for Dr. Hicks; of course I never
knew him, but Dr. St. John was to conduct the
service, & she was anxious to go, so I was agreea-
ble [agreeable]. We sat just in front of Miss Hunt, who had
on any thing but a fresh white dress. The acous-
tics [acoustics] of the assembly hall are very bad; I believe
the ceiling is too high. We stopped by the St. J's on
the way back, & I looked at some of the things
they had to sell before they go home the 16th of
Feb, - elmirahs [almirahs], chairs, dining table, etc; would
very much like the latter, tho' I didn't care for
the first. I took a nap after breakfast - so did Miss
D. but I don't think she slept as long as I. After
my bath I began writing to Mrs. DeVore, but the
teachers, matron & children came over from the
deaf school, so that finished letters for the day.
I gave them my peanuts left from the festivities
of the aft. before, so then Miss D. donated hers also;
and the 2 slices of buttered bread that she had
brought up for tea - as well as lime juice. When
they left it was church time, so they walked down
to the carline & pointed out the dhoby's house to
me, as he's had my clothes over a fortnight, I'-
ll [I'll] have to go over tomorrow. We (Miss D. & I) went to
the English Baptist Church, of which Dr. St. J. is
pastor; I hear Dr. Kelly is to take it when he leaves.
We then all sat on the large front porch and

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