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talked a good while, as we did the night be-
fore [before], with the ad-
dition [addition] of one-armed Mr. Case; and Mr. Wiatt also
joined us for awhile.

January 30, 1922 - Monday

Being right in the house I was actually on time
for class this a.m. The Thomases were there for
dinner last eve & we had chicken. Miss D. went
with me to the dhoby's but he had already gone to
the compound with my clothes. When I went to
pay him I made the disagreeable discovery
that my money R.48/- had been stolen; I first
had breakfast and then went direct to the Wi-
att's [Wiatt's] with the bad news. The resident dhoby
came while I was gone, so on my return I
counted out my clothes & then took them over
to him. The Thomases were her for dinner again
this eve., also Dr. Cummings who has just return-
ed [returned] from Calcutta, & an Australian from our
Bengal-Orissa mission; we all took in the Karen
Bible Woman's graduation exercises at six p.m.
first, however. The program was very inter-
esting [interesting], though of course there was but little
I could understand, and a good many of the
missionaries were in attendance. The Harrises
and Miss D. soon went up stairs, while later
Mr. Vinton came over and showed us some
of his photos - very interesting. The axle grease
has not come out of my yellow dress; if I can
get hold of some lard I can take it out, but
this will probably be a hard thing to get hold of.
The servants had thrown my I. J. out yesterday,
but knowing it had come I was fortunately able

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to trace it.

January 31, 1922 - Tuesday

This aft. Miss D. & I went out to Insein to the gradua-
tion [graduation] exercises of the Burmese Seminary, with which
Drs. McGuire and Richardson are connected; the
former presided and the latter made the address.
Later we had tea at Mrs. McG's - the loveliest "eats"
I've had in Burma, thus far; chocolate fudge,
divinity, mixed pickles (some English ladies
asked me if this was an American custom),
native cocoanut preparation, three corned
sandwiches, meat rolls, and half a dozen
different kinds of cake - all delicious, and I ate
an awful lot. I took my kodak but the only pic-
ture [picture] I attempted to get - of the Chinese tan yard -
was a foregone failure, as some one had been tam-
pering [tampering] with my kodak. I renewed my acquaint-
ance [acquaintance] with Mrs. Craig; also saw several of the
wives of missionaries whom I had not seen
since the conference. There were fourteen grad-
uates [graduates], I should have stated. When we arrived Dr.
Kelly took a rickshaw, as he has not been well,
but Messrs Seagrave & Evans, Miss. D. & I walked, cutting
across the golf links. Coming back Misses Geis &
Price were on the train, and several other men;
but we got hold of Dr. Tilbee to ask him about con-
ditions [conditions] at Minto Mansions annex at Kalaw, as
we may be able to secure it for hot season, the
Evanses having volunteered to run the house,
so we questioned him nearly all the way in, & later
walked down to Mr. Hattersley's to see if we could
get Mrs. T's letter to him on the subject but he had

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