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February 1, 1922 - Wednesday

Saw Dr. Robbins this a.m. when I went over
to report the latest to Mr. Wiatt. We've had both
Mr. Cases - at different times; Mr. Henderson
for dinner last eve, and Mr. Marshall for
breakfast, as he - together with Mr. Harris &
Mrs. Seagrave - was in to give Misses [Beull?] and
Anderson their second Karen language exam,
they were all through by two o'clock, the former
passing with great credit, they got 95 1/2 and a-
bout 92 respectively; there was some doubt over
one point in Miss A's, hence the qualified state-
ment [statement]; they were both here for the one meal
also, tho' they are staying at Insein. I thought
I'd have a quiet afternoon after the dissipa-
tions [dissipations] of the earlier part of the week, but first
Misses Chapman and Walden arrived to bring
me an invitation to the Y.W.C.A. house warm-
ing [warming] which was in with theirs, invite me for
breakfast Friday to meet Miss Campbell, who
arrived a day or so ago; and to suggest my
going to Mandalay Fri. eve., with Ma Sein Tha,
to bring back some deaf children. Of course I
shall be delighted to have such a trip at so
little expense. The "home" mail arrived and I
managed to read my letters - one from Doro-
thy [Dorothy] Burnett of London; Miss Gibbons, Buffalo;
the "Whatsoever Class", Portland, containing blue
embroidered collar and cuff set; Christmas
greeting from Josephine Warren and husband
Dick Asbury; note from Mrs. Chumasers ; letter
& snapshot from Alvira Van Arsdale. I began
on the I.J. when Mrs. Harris came in with the
baby; then Esther Nelson arrived; later I was
called out by the E's as Miss Teel had arrived to talk

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over our hot-season scheme, so the dinner
bell rang before
I'd had my bath
so had to have it at bedtime.

February 2, 1922 - Thursday

The two American
ladies who are touring the world, former teachers
in the Brooklyn High school, returned from Manda-
lay [Mandalay] this morning and as they had no room till
the Evanses left at seven this eve., their things
were put in our room. These, plus Miss Peterson, had an early dinner.
Misses Davis, Nelson, Geis and I went to hear Dr. Rob-
bins [Robbins] deliver the baccalaureate sermon at Judson
College this evening; afterwards there was a dinner
at the Howard's but evidently only the "big guns" were
invited, so the rest of us dined on our return. I got
out most of the things to put in my suit case tonight
as I thought I'd have more time now than tomorrow.
Wrote a card to Miss Parrott last night to apprise her
of my coming; then after mailing it Miss D. & I went
first to the Wiatts and there to see Miss Pennington
at the next house; but most of our time was taken
up by a hot-season discussion with Misses [Bonney?]
and Teel. Am taking both my steamer rug and army
cape as Miss C. says its cold up there at this season of
the year; my blue striped dress for morning and ra-
jah [rajah] for dinner; jet and silver jewelry and new blue beads
only one extra suit of underclothes, but three pairs of
stockings as they say it is so dusty there. Dr. R. post-
poned [postponed] my interview with him from tomorrow
till next Wednesday, after his return from [Bassein?]
where so many are going to the dedication of the
new Karen buildings. Miss Seagrave has kindly
consented to take the lacquerware to Mrs. Conrad
- formerly Miss Zachery from Louisville, Ky., who was
in the "Y" overseas; we came home on the same
ship. Am sending her one of the round red

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