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ere breaking up at a late hour.

February 5, 1922 - Sunday

We did not arise very early this morning - for the
Orient - after our festivities of last evening; I, for
one, was glad as I had slept so little the night be-
fore [before] on account of being cold. I did not go to S.S.
as did Mrs. E. & Miss P., but went later to church with
Miss T., after which I went to the boys school for a
few moments to speak to Mrs. H. Spoke to the G's in
church as I only found out this a.m. that they
were in war work in France during part of
those awful years, as was I, so I always have a
fellow feeling for any one who was in the
thick of things at that time. I see in reading it
over that I omitted to mention yesterday that after
our [openting?] chat, but before my bath, tea, etc.,
one of the native teachers, Ma S. T. & I went in a
gharry to try to find the little deaf boy, which we
did not succeed in doing tho' we talked to some
of the erstwhile neighbors. Then we went to the
home of the deaf girl we hope to get, but the old
grandmother is against us there. After break-
fast [breakfast] today, Mrs. E. & Miss P. lay down. I believe
Miss T. was far too busy with last minute callers,
gifts and packing to do so, and I took a bath,
talked to her several times at intervals, wrote
some on this diary, etc. I forgot to bring any
handkerchiefs, such a stupid thing to do, and
Miss P. had to lend me one, so I've washed
first the one I had in my pocketbook &
then the other, at intervals. At three
o'clock Miss P., Ma S. T. & I went to the fort; I in-

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tended [intended] taking my kodak, but didn't think
of it till we were
nearly there, & it was too far to return; booked
our homeward passage en route. After a
late tea, Mr. Graham, who had come in dur-
ing [during] the process, took us to church in his car,
& also attended the English service, sermon
by Mr. Griegg; he walked home with us, & then
we dined; and after I had looked at some of Miss
P's photos in her room, we went to bed. I am occupying Lawrence's room.

February 5, 1922 - Monday

We had one piece on the victrola yesterday;
Mrs. E. & Miss P. each have one, but as the lat-
ter [latter] does not expect to remain there long, but
be in her own house away on the other side
of the city, it may not be such an overlapping
of good things as it seems. Mr. H. was over a-
while [awhile] yes. aft. to practise a duet with Miss T.
which they sang at church last eve. Shortly
before 9 a.m. Miss R., Ma S. T. & I went out to visit
the bazaars, which are said to be the finest in
the east; the buildings are certainly far a-
head [ahead] of any thing in Rangoon; well built,
paved, screened, lighted, without the noisy,
dirty crows, and fairly clean. Here they are
dark, and dirty is a mild term for their
condition, earthen aisles, smelly and
sloppy. I got several snaps of the open
bazaars along one side, the erstwhile "squat-
ters [squatters]." I only bought two small brass gongs of a
peculiar shape often seen here. The others
both bought some lacquerware. Returning

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