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garments, bathed, dressed, put away the rest of my clean clothes, got out sash, etc.

February 17, 1922 - Friday

I had a sore throat all day yes., the result of my chill on the canal I suppose, and it's worse today, so I took the trouble to examine it tonight, as it seemed more localized than at first; and the left side is very swollen & inflamed with one large white patch. Miss D. kindly swabbed it out with iodine for me, & then I gave it a good painting on the outside as well; it burned like fire, so I had to put cold cream on it which helped a little. After breakfast I went to DeSouza's & got mine & Miss D's prints; then to Barr St. jetty no. 2 to see the St. J's, & Misses Price & Thayer off; then to the press to get some money - (R49/10/10/) leaving an even balance of R50; here I also bought a copy of Luke & Acts to mail to the two Burmese boys I talked to on the boat, bought two kinds of envelopes, stamps, and postcards. Then out to Miss Clapman's where we had tea, two others coming in after we were thru; then back in time for dinner, had a chat with Mrs. Masier, who arrived this a.m. on her way to America, but will be here about 10 days. Paid Miss D. for com-


-pany and the "sweets." Afterward I took a bath, went straight to bed as I was feeling so badly. Miss D. wrote on her typewriter for a while & then retired rather early also. Saw Mrs. Moore, from Syriam, at the wharf; also a number of others whom I knew.

[An additional sentence, but can't make much of it.]

February 18, 1922 - Saturday

I stayed in bed this a.m., Miss D. bringing up my chota, and later phoning Dr. Kingsley, till the latter came; she told me to take a dose of salts - which I got from Miss D., & gargle with hot salt & water or listerine. Miss D. also furnished the last. Then I got up, dressed & went to class, which doesn't meet till 9:30 on Saturdays. Undressed again after breakfast & laid down on the bed; as I slept very poorly last night, I was soon asleep and didn't waken till three p.m.; then bathed, dressed & intended going to the library, but decided I'd rather pay the fine if necessary, and wait till Monday. Then Miss D. & I went over to the field day of the Karen school, had a glass of orangeade, and saw some interesting events - especially the pole vaulting, a record being broken. All from the deaf school were there. Miss Hastings told me yes. while at the press that there was no one to take the prayer meeting next week, so on coming back, I consulted with Miss D., then called up Miss Eastman & told her we

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