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would do so. About five p.m. we two left the meet. & went to tennis tea at the Miners; Miss H. had called us up earlier in the day to remind us of it. Miss Ivins from [?], and Mr. Kingsley, whom I met at the Wiatt dinner, were there, as well as Mrs. Safford & Mrs [name missing]. I did not play, but managed to upset some of my tea in my lap; the sandwiches & chocolate cake were very good.

February 19, 1922 - Sunday

Miss D. taught a girls' S.S. class at the college for Mrs. [?tuph] + remained there for morning service; I did not go out; had just gotten up from breakfast when Dr. K. came I wasn't expecting her; Dr. Cotte [?], the Canadian French woman I met at the reception Mon eve. was with her, but went into see Mrs. Rose for a few moments. I haven't been running a fever, but a subnormal temperature--the same as when I had that dreadful cold, or the flu, last fall soon after my arrival. Bathed + dressed in white in the aft., smeared butter on my yellow gingham at teatime, hoping that will take out the axle grease; then went with Miss D. for a brief walk around the compound, before we left together with Mrs. Mosier for the English
Bap ch. with Dr. Kelly in his car. The Thomases arrived early this a.m. from Henzada, so we five had a late dinner together; then to bed. Miss D. writing letters again.


Read on the 2nd vol. of "The Burman" most of yes. but still lacked about 100pp of finishing.

February 20, 1922 - Monday

We had a holiday this aft. as Mr Ali Sou had some business to attend to; I was glad, for I had a lot of things to do, though I did not feel like exerting myself. Basted the white collars + cuffs back on to my yellow gingham while Miss D read Burmese to me. Mrs. Mosier came in awhile, and later Miss Seagrave while we were out on the front porch and our room was being mopped for the first time since we've been here, over three weeks. The latter had not left, when two Burmese girls came to see Miss D.; we were all just about to start for a walk when Ma Seine Tha, China and Ba Khay appeared, bringing a note from Miss C. enclosing seven rupees for the Mandalay trip; as this had to be acknowledged, I didn't go for the walk as I didn't want to keep the others waiting. Gave them all some of the candied pumpkin. Finished "The Burman" + after dinner directed some postcards--over a dozen and otherwise got things ready for letter writing when I can find the time. Took a belated bath, read a little in "The Literary Digest" and retired about 10 p.m. Miss D writing on her machine again. Inquired about song books; wrote to Miss Adams as she and Miss Peter want to join us at Kelaw. Miss S. brought the news that Miss Johnson wishes to do likewise. Several out of town people arrive tomorrow so we'll soon have a full house again.

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