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April 3, 1922 – Monday
Lesson in class from 7:30 - 9:30, except Sat.
then 3 hrs. per wk. of individual work, is the ar-
rangements [arrangements] we have made. Ida & I each had
one this a.m. Saya brought a handful of ear-
rings [earrings] this morn. I bought 2 prs., one at R2 & the
other at R3 The other 3 comparatively new-
comers [newcomers] also bought some. I had to pack books
again this morn; also sew on some buttons,
darn a towel, get up soiled clothes – & then the
dhoby did not return, he came while we were
in class – and do other necessary jobs. This aft.
Ida & I went calling – out the road which runs
by "The Pavilion" - the Tilbes, with Misses Hastings
& Pound being first; Misses Rainey & Phinney
next; then Misses Adams & Peter at cases third;
thence by the short cut to the Cummings, How-
ards [Howards], & Miss Peterson's, the McGuires being in
the house; the others in the garage and servant
quarters respectively. Thence to the Marshalls &
last to the Harrises, when we had to hurry home
before dark. We plan to go again tomorrow aft.,
when all are here there will be 51 A.B. M's vaca-
tioning [vacationing] here – ten of whom are children. We go to Ts
for prayer meeting tomorrow eve, & here next wk.
I believe is the plan. There are two lovely Marshill
Neale [Maréchal Niel] roses growing on either side of our front
doors so I wore one in my hair last eve, and sev-
eral [several] at my belt this. We had strawberries out of
our garden at breakfast, gathered by Mrs. H & child

April 4, 1922 – Tuesday
My 2nd private lesson came right after lunch today &
then Saya talked for another hour; he is painting flowers
on some black bags for sale; he said he sold enough
last vacation to pay for a long trip – up to Lashio, Manda-
lay [Mandalay] & various other places & that he, his son, & a cousin
took. We were told that prayer meeting was at 5:30; in-
stead [instead] of that it began at 5, so we were all late; I was
latest of all as I was asleep & didn't wake up till nearly
that hr., so had to do some hustling. We didn't get to go
calling as I was studying & I was so sleepy. I'm studying
upon my long-neglected grammar. We had chicken
polau for dinner last eve, but I'm not very fond of it, I
find on investigation, so I hope they won't have it often.
I must load my kodak tomorrow, also darn stockings &
wash some. The dhoby came at noon today; we had many
interruptions about breakfast time. We are now planning
to go calling again tomorrow. I cut one row of roses yes.
which took about half an hr., and then put them in
roses which took another. There are pines here, about the
first I've seen in this country. The view from our house
is lovely, up and down a terraced valley – where rice is
grown – with a circle of hills about, to the northwest
there are several ridges. I love a rolling country, and find
a flat one very monotonous. Rachael has a lovely Manila
hammock along; it is put up in the large middle room,
which is sitting & dining room combined. Miss J. is read-
ing [reading] my "Leopard Spots"; Gertrude read it (not my book,
however,) since she's been out here, & I believe Emma. I
must get out my heavy red bath robe for this altitude
Haven't used my mosquito bar thus far.

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