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April 7, 1922 – Friday
I took a walk after chota with Misses G. + T. for
about an hr., getting back in time for class at 7:30,
my private lesson was swapped off for this
hrs; they came next, & class later, on acc't of
the others going to bazaar. I saw the blue birds
with red bill & long tail marked with white
that Mrs. J. was telling me about this a.m. We
had yellow raspberries for breakfast – also
pork of which I partook sparingly. I got a lovely
green cotton crepe kimono em. in white from the Amoma
class of White Temple, Portland, Ore., this morn;
Miss Annie McK. had written me about it as it
was sent to S. (duty A 8.) Have heard nothing of
the black cape & dress sent me by Mrs. DeVase,
worse luck; am very uneasy about her, as she
is not well; I fear cancer as it seems to run in
her family. Katharine Fenzel has a box on the way
for me. Got letters from Anna Mabel & Mary P. a
couple of days ago; both M. & K. had just gotten
their Mother's lace collars & seemed pleased. Mr.
Ah Sou got a basket for me at bazaar, but I haven't
seen it yet (a.10). Took the things to Mrs. J. & then cross-
ed the valley to call on the Kleins of Moulmein,
Gateses & Hattersleys of Rangoon, A.B. Ni's; then went
to the other side of this large double house to call on
the Riggs & Bells, A. Methodists; & back again in time
for dinner. The grass was being burned off along
the side of the road we traveled, a habit they
have out here; I've had several reasons given but none

that seem really adequate. I chopped citron, Emma & Ra-
chal [Rachel] seeded raisins, Ida & Gertrude cracked & picked nuts
for a double batch of cookies.

April 8, 1922 – Saturday
I didn't get up very early this a.m. as we were told we
could sleep late if we wished. More letters arrived last
eve, but I didn't find them till I went in to go to bed, as
they were under my sweater which was on it –
from Miss Annie & Belle; Nette – with 3 snapshots enclosed.
Katharine, who gave me her famous candy recipe;
Mrs Irvin of Pittsburgh; Aunt Lizzie enclosing a
pink handkerchief for my birthday; Bessie Wildman
who is in Dauville; and Miss Ann Gibson at the
school for the deaf at Morganton – the longest of all.
Today I had a note from Dr. Kelly and letter from
Mongtomery Ward; later I got another from the
latter which had been sent to the press; – one from
de Souza saying my prints had been sent; for de-
veloping 5 rolls (30 exposures) & printing 27, R10/12.
Mr Ah Sou brought me the basket he purchased &
visited us on our tiny porch for about 2 hrs. At 4:30
Ida & I went out to go on a bird walk with Miss Pe-
terson; Miss Adams was also along; we followed
the valley stream towards town & were fortunate
in finding over a score of birds; over 500 are to
be found in the Southern Shan States, however,
but of course that takes in all seasons of the year
& many migrants. Misses Bowey & Phillips arrived
this p.m., their train was an hr. late; Misses G., T.,
& I went down to meet them. Misses Hasseltine &
Stevens came up with them on their way to Ton-
gin [Tongin]. Dr. Henderson was called home on account
of the illnesss of the Sawbeva's wife, so never got to
us at all. It took all day to bake the cookies with

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