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On Wednesday at 4 p.m. We ask you all to tea; Leave
language study all behind and come along carefree.
Miss Miller, kindly choose the games and coach the girls to play

April 11, 1922 – Tuesday
I had my private lesson yes. a.m., but forgot all
about it this p.m. & Saya had to come & remind
me. Studied tomorrow's reading lesson with Ida
after class. Dr. & Mrs. McG. came – at our teacher's
invitation – to class this a.m.; our lesson was the
hard one about the bees, and we did more than
usual; I was surprised at Misses G. & T.; Ida did
the best of all. Miss B. is studying with the two in-
separables [inseparables] since she arrived, and I knew they
were hard at it last eve, as I could hear them, amidst
a good deal of laughter, from our little porch.
Right after breakfast we fixed the front part of the sitting room
for prayer meeting at five; Mr. A.S. brought in a
bench from the Minerses, which will seat three, &
looked fairly well when covered with a blanket;
2 steamer trunks from the other side, & Miss H's
from this, similarly covered, helped to solve the
seating problem. Mr. H. arrived, so we siezed on his
also – and it is well we did – as forty were present
besides the children, Messrs. Harris & Howard being
the only ones about, & they are in R. on building
business; this is more than were gathered together
last week – but Saya didn't come, nor Ma Me; I don't
know why. Miss T. led, Miss B. & G. sang "Out of the mar-
ble palaces"; Miss J. prayed; Mr. Marshall dismissed,
several others – both men & women, prayed, talked
or asked for certain songs. Mr. H. reported about the
Maymyo Bible Assembly just closed. Mr. Gates bor-
rowed [borrowed] my "Introduction to Missionary Service" &
my "Social Principles of Jesus" disappeared! Mrs.
McG. left her box of laces & bundles of embroideries.
I settled with Mrs. G. & this eve picked out R.58-12 worth
of these, several baby things for the new members of the family back home.

April 12, 1922 – Wednesday
Bazaar day again, so all but I., R., & I left before
7 to do the family buying – Mr. H. leaving later, he & H. being
the latest to breakfast. I spilled choc. on the tablecloth, so
tried to wash it out & then had to get out a clean napkin,
which wouldn't mean anything if only the dhoby
would come back on time. We went to Mrs. Heptonstall's
tea this p.m.; all the A.B.M.'s were there, the 2 families
from the Meth. house, & Miss Terry of the Y.W. There were
ham, egg & jelly sandwiches, tea & tamarind drinks, choc.
layer cake & all delicious. the men played badminton,
and as I was asked to have charge of the games, I lined them
up & we had "Chase the Chicken" and had just begun
"Square Tag", when it began to rain & all 'chased' into the
house, so the meeting soon broke up, as the cottage was
not big enough to seat us all; it was after 5, however. I'd
divided the crowd into the reds & the blues according to
birthdays – Jan to June & July to Dec., but the first half the
year had so much the better of it, that all born in both
May & June had to go over to the other side. Ida got kicked on
the shin by Dr. McG. so when we got back I had to help
dress her wound, putting on the iodine while she did the
crying. Several others got mail this p.m., but none for me.
I took a paper over to Minerses; several of them are
sick – 3, I believe, too bad. Miss J. returned my Book of
R., as she got one, so – at I's suggestion – I gave it to Mr.
Ah Sou. Mr. & Mrs. Tilbe, Miss T., I. & part of the way Miss P.
walked home together. They say the Armstrongs left 15
almirahs filled with old letters, papers, etc., in the house
where the Duffs now live; how I'd hate to have to gather up
that mess; Mr. H. suggested that it might be good [?]

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