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dinner. it was now dinner time, so we returned,
& after eating 6 of us played rook till 9 p.m. -–in-
cluding [including] the 2 visitors.

May 13, 1922 – Saturday
We had planned a picnic for today but it rained, so we
remained prosaically at home. We studied about 8 hrs., I.
put in something less, while I put in very little. I did
various necessary things in the a.m. & tapered off with
a little knitting. After breakfast I wrote letters to Cousins
Jim & Jennie, Mrs. Wilson Bert Porum & notes to Misses Gibbons & Roberts.
Later M., I. & I called at Phinneys, where we found the Hacketts,
& then at ''the rock" where we also followed them; Met Mrs.
Howard & Miss E. on the road, while the Harrises, & then Mrs.
Marshall came in before we left. Mrs. Case had a sick head-
ache [headache]; Miss Peter, who has just passed her Karen exam.,
was telling me of Mr. Cole, an Amer. N.Y.C. millionair who
will give me a little portable organ – if properly approached
thru Miss Prescott. Too late to go further, so we returned,
meeting Mrs. S. & R. at our steps, but walked on around the
road, as I wished to inquire about Mabel; but altho' M.
was there when it all happened she knew nothing – too
engrossed in her language study to see the drama being
enacted under her very eyes. After dinner I., M., & Mr.
H. typewrote on our tiny porch, so Mrs. H. & I sat by the din-
ing [dining] table & read; I was perusing the April number of
the Geog. – & then as usual, retired soon after 9 p.m.
Misses B. & T. had to go to town this aft. to buy stores. E.
studied about as long as M. did today – back in the billiard
room; then she & Miss Finney went out to C's to dinner Miss Robotham called Thurs., but as we were at the par-
ty [party] we missed her. The terraces in the valley are now
fresh and green since the rains we've had; we enjoy
such simple things as watching the flock of sheep & goats in
the valley, watching the trains arrive or depart, or admiring the local flower gardens.

May 14, 1922 – Sunday
Rachel & I. went to B. service this a.m.; I. has only missed once,
but I have not been at all. Wrote a note to Cousin Mary
Clay, and got several other matters attended to while M. was
writing on her typewriter. Then, just as the others were re -
turning [returning], we started for the Meth house; saw all the B.
members thereof, mostly in their bedrooms, as it was a-
bout [about] feeding time for the babies. Went the road, but came
back the path; the grass was wet, but we didn't realize it
had been raining. Had break. at eleven as there was a Ka-
ren [Karen] service at M's at 12; Misses J., F., & M. went; on her re-
turn the latter lay down & got a nap. Rained again some
in the aft., but most from this roof went; a dozen or
more of our miss. were not there, however; Mr. Sheldon,
the W. miss, preached for the 1st time since we've been here.
We had chicken palow, which I don't like, today; the brin-
jals [brinjals] ran short last eve, as things have done several times.
I'm getting so I don't like these little tomatoes, & never can
swallow the skins. We read again this eve. Had a note
from Mrs. E. a day or so ago. Saya was at the service this
eve, so suppose he's feeling better. A number of our people
leave this wk. wrote to Mr. K. about joining the Amer. Asso.
Heard the children had been acting the various "stunts"
ever since Thurs. There was a party at Jury's yes. for the
kiddies – about a dozen there, but the twins & H's from Meth
H. didn't get to go on acct of the weather. M. looks pale
but insists she is well – & I've never seen her fat! Says she
gained 2 lbs. at T. Dr. H. gave her a good going over however.
I've never heard from him about my skin trouble; he
probably knows no more than the rest of the M.D's out
here. My dark glasses fell apart this p.m.; the spring in
my nose ones is already broken, so now they are both
on the bum & I don't know what I shall do.

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