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May 23, 1922 - Tuesday

B. + G. left this a.m. + it took the combined efforts
of the household to get them off. Mrs. H. worried be-
fore train time for fear they wouldn't get their
break + B. did have to leave a part of hers, the train
coming in while she was still at the table + af-
terwards for fear that they didn't have enough
lunch; but it was no ones fault but their own
if such was the case. Mrs. T. came down before we
finished [chota] to gather them some more cutting
+ they dwadled, indoors + out, over this job for
a couple of hours. Then Mr. H., whoe dislikes Mrs.
T. left without helping them fix up their cots, so
they had it to do themselves; I was packing + had
not intended going to the train, but it seemed
more things were left off the cart than got on-
except the trunks; all had gone but B. + she could
not possibly carry all there was left, so I had to go
trailing after her with part of their belongings.
I didn't have time to change my clothes, so was a
sight for gods + men. Mr. H. said afterwards he
believed they waited to see or hear the rest of us [were]
going + then booked a day ahead of us to escape the
worry + trouble of breaking up; this was everyone's
private opinion, + I had good reason for think-
ing it, but I wasn't going to be mean enough
to say so; however, agreed with him! I'd for-
gotten all about prayer meeting, as I was head over
heels in the packing, till E. reminded us; stopped
at once, bathed, dressed + went Mr. Harris led + gave
us a very mournful discourse; ordinarily [most]
has to say is very good, I think; they may or may
have a meeting next week. E. wanted to play [rook]
this one + they did May 24, 1922- Wednesday
have a 3 handed game, but I had to pack.
Goodbye to lovely little Kalaw; I, for one, am very
sorry to leave - all the more so when I think of all
I've heard of the heat in R. I've been to the strawber-
ry woman every day but Sun. to see if we could
get some berries, but nothing doing; we've had
some out of our own patch off + on, however. We
had a great time getting off this morn, so much
to do; but no such scramble as the others had yes.
for all our work. Mrs. H. had thoughtfully cleaned
out the "meat safe" yes., putting in clean papers +
counting the dishes as best she could with part of them
in use. This a.m. E., Mrs. H. + I fixed up the [amele], the
forever doing the biggest part of the job as the other 2
of us had to stop from time to time to do other things as
they came up; we cleared out the store-room + did
our last min. packing while Mrs. H. kindly saw to
the loading of the cart, while made strips, the book-
ing of the baggage, etc. I had my 2 big trunks sent
direct to Mandalay, taking with me 3 suitcases, the
duffle bag containing small suitcase, typewriter,
tennis racquet, [army cape], steamer rig, lacquer trays
+ hats! Also at the last had to stuff in my soiled [new]
sheet. Decided to take my dirty clothes with me + try
to get washed. Then there was my sachet of vegetables
+ two [Sharxbaskets], one containing the 3 thermos bottles
my held choc. + the others tea + coffee - in the small-
est (E's) respectively we had water in the H's large jug.
Mrs. H. put my bags + 2 wicker suitcases in my carriage
with the [Nubendys] - who proved to be English or Ameri-
can, + not Indian as some one prophesied. After we
got the [20] odd pieces properly stored away under
[seats] + in the [b.r.] we had room enough for ourselves

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