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May 25, 1922 - Thursday

Mrs. H. read 'Her Father's Daughter; the 4 of us had a
game of rook, I. +
I against E. + Mr. H. - we won, tho I. was a novice.
Then I. + E. studied Burmese, I read the Lit. Digest, +
later Mr. H. kindly slept in the other carriage.
I saw my first "pride of India" or "flame of the forest
in bloom yes. aft. as we came down; the scenery
is beautiful for awhile after leaving K., but gets mo-
nstrous as we approach [Lhazi], where we all got off
+ stretched our legs for awhile. Saw Mr. Ferguson
who got on at K, again; he came on the boat with
me, + we won 2 events together in the games. The
water gave out last night, + we finished up sever-
al other things; but we had plenty of white bread
sandwiches, butter, peanut butter, sugar, cooking
etc. remaining. The things C. had to carry down to
the others, that they had forgotten, was a shame. The
umbrella Y. had borrowed from me several weeks ago when
we were at T, + never returned, was rescued; I had
forgotten it - tho' I'd thought of it several times, but
when E. remarked about being saddled with it -a-
long with all the other things, I took a look + then re-
lieved her of it. We had break. + dinner yes., + [chota]
this a.m. on the train. Pouring down when we reach-
ed R. Mrs. H. + son got off first to the G.H., then E. to K.
+ finally I. + I about the same time, she to the G.H. + I
to the deaf school, leaving poor Mr. H. still struggling
with the booked baggage, but he gave me a cheer-
ful grin as I drove by after our wait of nearly an [hour]
after break. I went to de S's with my films to leave for
more prints, + then to the press for money, where I
met Mrs. H., so sent I's [R5] by her - also Miss Campbell's
invitation to tea on Sun (I didn't get back in time
for tea, but as we haven't been having it at the Pa-
vilion, I didn't miss it so much; got doz. postcards
+ forgot to pay for them! Also found home mail awaiting [me]
Called at the Groves; later a note came from her ask-


ing me to breakfast Sun.

May 26, 1922 - Friday

Another busy day; gathered up all my soiled clothes
yes. + sent boy for the [dhoby] after break, so got them off
my mind, I'm happy to say, after jobbing all morning
Miss C. + I called on Miss [Laughlin] at St. Mary's, [Lattar sd.,]
+ inveigled her into inviting us to go on the lake Wed.
aft. Miss C. seems to be a most persistent person; she,
after having a drink around, then left me + returned
to school, while I proceeded to town, stopping at de S's.
I went to town after break, stopping at the dentist's first,
who took both an upper + lower impression for my
bridge, + examined all my teeth for cavities. I am to go
again Mon. at 2 p.m. Then went to [Urst Sans] to leave
my broken glasses; thence to the press, meeting [Mr]
Braugh as I emerged from the store who walked
all the way over with me. Here I paid for my post-
als + attended to other matters before returning to
the school. Again went to Mrs. G's to accept her kind
invitation. Attended prayers with the girls down
stairs both last eve + this, but the mosquitoes alway
devoured me. They have a new teacher in training,
Ma Mimi, a Karen, who has been attending Miss A's
school in Maulmain-Worton Lane; every one says
nice things about her. Ma Emma is away on her va-
cation + has not yet returned. Ma [Nysin] took Po May
home with her for awhile which was very kind
of her. Ma Jessie, I believe, is the next + the last one
to go for a holiday. I. came over this aft [Dr. A brought her] after her
exam, happy because she passed with 71%; Rachel
got 91, or something like that, which carries great credit;
Helen 77 + Emma 75, which means with credit; the
[Metler] boy got 70, I believe; + Miss Hatch, alas! failed. I
wish mine were off hand, but knew there was no
hope of passing. Gertrude passed in all but Eng. into

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