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Burmese setences.

May 27, 1922 - Saturday

Didn't go to town today, as so many things close
early, but did the 101 things laid up for me here.
No time to do any reading yet. A Portland, Ore., wo-
man [woman] sent me the Feb. & March [nos.?] of The Ladies'
Home Journal, which I loaned to the girls together
with some old Lit. Dig. to look at; Miss Nicholas
also read the former. Didn't go out to Mr. Ah Son's
this aft. as we expected, as the H's got word yes. that
he was ill & not to come. Did manage to peruse
my 2 I. J's. & the last Y.C. Went over to the G.H. after
tea, principally to see I., but also saw briefly Misses
Adams, Phillips and Thomas & Mrs. Mix; later Miss
Peterson also came over. Miss B. Davis had been
down & seen I. The successful exam. passers,
plus Misses B. & P., were entertained at [Kemendia?]
for dinner this eve; at her request I combed I's
heavy suit of hair for the occasion. Didn't go
down to the song service in the school-room on
acc't of the mosquitoes this eve; my poor legs are
peppered with bites. I. brought over my 2 L.H.J's., this
mo's News, & a postal that had been sent to the G.
H.; otherwise I never would have gotten them, I pre-
sume [presume]. Ma N. likes my gay waist (voile); I was sure it
would appeal to the Burmans. I'm learning things
about Misses C. & W. that I had merely suspected
hitherto; Miss C. was the first to express herself, tho'
both had dropped a number of hints; + later Miss
N. also talked freely; the latter is also having trou-
bles [troubles]with the cook, who has been, & still is, sick; so
all things considered perhaps it is just as well
that this job didnot fall to my lot. Misses. Purser &
the wireless man & one of the engineers from the


"Pegu" called right after break; Miss C. & I were
both undressed, so there was great scrambling around.
Later we got a nap. Mr. & Mrs. [Purser?] & small
daughter were here yes. Miss A. invited to dinner
but couldn't find her way, so we learned today,
& never arrived; it was Miss N's mistake, however,
in directing her.

May 28, 1922 - Sunday

Miss C. + I arose betimes + attended
parade service at the cantonment church, Miss
N. going to the Meth; she told me all about her dif-
ference with the house board, probably only Mrs.
Bell, in America + the reason she is not working
with them now. We passed Mr. G., + later Mr. Bell,
+ finallly picked up a gharry at the Gym. club cor-
ner. Poor old stupid [mahly] is doing most of
the work; the cook is supposed to have lumbago.
My back is better but the pain has all gone into
my right shoulder; as we walked all the way
back from ch., + I got up a good sweat, I'm hoping
it will disappear soon. The H's got off on the
moon boat yes. for Maubin; Mrs. H. gave me a cor-
dial invitation to visit them, which is apprecia-
ted. I. + Miss A. came for tea, left early to attend
Eug. B. ch; Miss N. also went out, Miss C. + I went
down to have a sing with the girls, she playing
the little organ. Po May finished her weaving for
the bags, so Misses C. + W. took with them, as they did
[Bolo]- I wish them much joy + now she's weaving
a plain white material for "dishies" - dishtowels.
I have not visited the schoolrooms, except to pass
thru, but I hear the children at their articulation
soon after the opening of school every morning.
We were rather late getting to bed Th. + F., but have been
earlier these last 2 nights. Mrs. Stuart-Smith was
ill today so did not appear at table; Dr. O. was there, +
of course his dog; we had a regular Burmese-or [Ludi]

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