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Tues. – but "I ha'e me doubts."

July 2, 1922 – Sunday
Communion –
Went to S.S. & ch. as usual; we got a gharry both
ways. Laid down from about 3 to five, reading a
brief travel book. Got up, bathed & dressed, going to Eng.
service at which Mr. H. presided at 6:30; the G's not
there. Ma T. M. was asleep, so didn't come for my lesson
at 4 p.m.; can't say that I'm sorry. Haven't done
much straightening today; I seem to get stuck every
once in awhile. Writing a diary is a monotonous
affair for the most part; occasionally there is
something startling or unusual, but for the
usual run, it's the same round day after day.
I may as well confess right now, that I forget
it altogether for several days at a time now
and then – once for as much as a week – tho'
I can usually recall the more important
items with sufficient accuracy to make note
of them when I do get around to it. I've taken it
for granted all along that the Hinton baby
looked like his father, but I've suddenly dis-
covered [discovered] that he really resembles his mother!
We had another pwè this eve; I hear it is to con-
tinue [continue] three more nights; the Buddhists Lent be-
gins [begins] Thurs; however, so it will have to end then
at any rate. Ruled a note book to keep a record of
my two classes; haven't learned the girls names
yet, which of course are all strange to my ears.
The dhoby didn't come yes.; hope he'll turn up to-
morrow [tomorrow]. Pasted list of monthly birthdays in
my calendar for school use. Glued on a small

doll's leg.

July 3, 1922 – Monday
Prayer meeting this eve at G's instead of tomorrow,
on acc't of our outing; Miss P. didn't go, neither did
she last eve; no breeze to speak of today, so think
the heat has been too much for her. Mrs. E. ac-
cording [according] to request, took a bundle of the picture
sections of the N. Y. Times to Mrs. G., who served ice
cream, & bought cakes after devotions; then we
talked about the evangelistic meetings to be held
by Dr. Thomas the last of the mo. Heard for the
first time of Dr. Kelly's illness; he has been in
the hospital about ten days, they think with
kidney trouble; I'm so sorry; must write to him
tomorrow. Mrs. Chapman called about 6:30; we'd
ordered early dinner so as to go to the meet., so
when she left we had to eat in a hurry. Ma. T. M.
told me the man came to see about my furniture
last Mon. & would come again tomorrow. hope he
will altho' I'll be away the others can tell him
what I want, as all he has to do is to copy Miss P's.
The pwè kept me awake last night, but there does
not seem to be any this eve; hoped to get to bed early
as we have such an early start tomorrow, but no
such good luck – 'twill be 10:30 at least. Mrs. E. has
fixed up most of my lunch; the beans seem to
be a little burnt on top; my fudge, which I made
right after break, also got scorched, & then I beat
it so long that it wouldn't pour out smooth; hope
the brown bread is o.k. Read a little between times
on the World's Work. The dhoby came, I'm glad to say,
& I gave him the biggest wash he's had yet; 32 pieces
including my old lace spread, which I hope won't

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