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put it back to see if he could improve on it.

September 10, 1922 - Sunday

S.S. & ch. as usual. Began straightening out all those
pictures I've cut after break; hardly realized there
were so many. One of the girls came while I was in
the midst of things to know if I would excuse Ma
T. M. as she and some of the teachers were going to Ma
Mi's (teacher in the gov. normal school) as her hus-
band [husband] is dying; I knew he had diabetes & was in R.
for wks. under treatment, & also that he came
home about a mo. ago, but hadn't heard that he
was so much worse. Of course it was o.k., so I
went on with my sorting - don't know when I'll
have another chance. Also did some reading to try
to catch up on daily news. Looked over my Bible
papers yes. or Fri. eve, so I can tell them of their
mistakes on Mon. Miss P. came in to borrow some
magazines & was telling me of her eye being affected
from her new. so I urged her to go on to R. at once, I
think it silly to wait & suffer merely for the sake of
saving a little time & money, only to spend more later
probably. She has been taking blood for sometime, as
she said she was enemic & losing weight. Mrs. E.'s
white shoes the Chinaman made were quite success-
ful [successful] - much more so than her black ones; so I think
I'll get him to make me some - later. We are having
the neighbors - so called from their proximity, noth-
ing [nothing] more - turn their turkey & cows in to eat our
grass every hour of the day & night; nor do they stop
at that, but come in themselves & help themselves
to our flowers, etc, whenever it suits them. while
today, if you please, a member of the police force
entered while we were at ch. & cut a large


section of our grass to feed his horse - or cow,
I don't know which. Of course Mrs. E. reported him but
probably nothing will be done about it. We had some music today.

September 11, 1922 - Monday

Learned this eve, after school, that I was supposed
to sign all the books I've inspected; of course I see
now the reasonableness of it, but it would have
saved me a lot of time & trouble if I'd only been told
so in the 1st place; for never having done anything
of this kind before I cannot be expected to know
these things intuitively. But some people have no
idea at all about giving explicite & detailed direc-
tions [directions] about things. At the b. table Miss P. surprised
us both by announcing she was going to R. on the
noon train, so then such a stirring around as
there was for the next hour and a half,-tho'
her trunk was packed, her lunch was to get ready
with a doz. other last min. things. Mrs. E. finally
went with her to the station & then came back &
finished her meal. It was the sensible thing to do
of course, but if we'd known it we might have
made things much easier for her. Worked on Ma H's
note books all day. Ma T.T. is helping her with her class in
the aft. - for drill, I think, as she hasn't been very well.
She is one of our best looking teachers, however, the
largest, & certainly holds herself better than most. Now
that the Fisk Mem. Bldg is finished we find that the
girls are afraid to stay over there, so Mrs. E. has had
the guest-room bed & chest of drawers, table & several
chairs taken over & is going to sleep there for the
[mouce?], thus also leaving me alone in this bldg, to
see if she can't give them an object lesson. There are
iron bars everywhere, & they always sleep upstairs, so
you can draw your own conclusions as to

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