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October 2, 1922 - Monday

Another busy day as I had my bed loaded down a-
gain [again] with things to be sorted out. Dr. & Mrs. Harper arrived
so Miss P. & I got the room ready; the former went on to M.
by motor as he had to get a passport for his Amer.
born wife - he being a big bluff Irishman. The S's are
with the H's; he was over several times however to see
about tickets, etc. Mrs H. has a beautiful silver sword
given her not long before she left - after everything
was packed. Mrs. E. & Miss P. went to the Com's. on busi-
ness [business] immediately after breakfast; so, as soon as I
could arrange it, I went to town by train alighting
at the moat & walking to Misses H. & S. - M's, couldn't
raise any one tho, & hadn't time to go to the hospital
where I might have found the latter, so left two Nat'l
Geogs. on the center table [they have my name on them] & departed; going next to the
p.o. & the press. Thence by tram to Mandalay shore
to inquire about boats, only to find the office wasn't
there at all, altho' that was where I had been direct-
ed [directed]; so then I had to go by gharry back another
road for nearly a mile; here I interviewed the
agent while my chariot waited; returned & packed
my steamer trunk, bathed, dressed, & continued
sorting till supper time. After discussing the rela-
tive [relative] merits of 1st & 2nd class fare, came up & put
in the last minute things, had a [tieca?] called, &
with Jemadar as escort, left for the boat; it doesn't
sail till daybreak, but it is more convenient to go
aboard the night before. The river has gone down


six ft. or more, so we had the long walk across the
sandbar & maze of teak logs, my baggage - which
was heavy having to be carried on the backs of men.

October 3, 1922 - Tuesday

I have no 1 cabin, the 1st on the r. of the "Java"; there
are Mr. & Mrs. Clover, infant & nurse on the same side,
as is the ladies' bath; on the other side are a Mr. & Mrs.
Greenwood and a B. Gov. servant. We didn't stop at S.
the river making a turn almost due west just below here.
but made a number during the day; these are the
so-called "mail" steamers, & run bi-weekly tho' as a matter of fact
they have not carried the mails since during the
war, the "farries" now performing that office in
better time than the big boats. I first got out the dress-
er [dresser] scarf I outlined while in Greensboro & whipped
on the lace; it lacked about an inch, so I had to piece
it, but hope it will never be noticed. Then I Fr. hem-
med [hemmed] the one side of the satin damask remnant I
cut in two, as I'd basted the 2nd one yes. a.m.; then I
straightened out my trunk & was at this job when
tiffin was called, so missed it, as I preferred to fin-
ish [finish] rather than stop. We have early chota - I ate out
in the salon about 6; breakfast at 9; tiffin at 1; tea
at 4 & dinner at 7:30; 3 of these are hearty meals,
so as I will not be able to exercise very much think
I shall "cut out" at least one each day. The captain
did not appear till dinner, spic & span in his wht.
uniform, after which he and Mr. C. waxed merry over
some Scotch. It is delightfully cool for the most
part out on deck where one can get the benefit of the
breeze, while the cabins are all equipped with e-
lectric [electric] fans. We reached Pakokku, on the w. bank where we tied up
for the night, rather early, so got off & had about

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