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December 23, 1922 - Saturday

be the last two yrs. of h.s. and Fresh. & Soph. years (jr.
col. in other words; just as our 7th-10th S's are real-
ly [really] jr. h.s.). We only have a week's vacation, on account
of the holiday in the fall (early Oct.) at the time of the
B. feast of lights. It's an 18 hr. train ride to R. by the best
train, as it is a trip of 600 mi. or more; as they carry no diners
they stop for 20 min. or more for meals, which have to be
ordered ahead of time or you are out of luck; there are both
1st & 2nd class dining rooms at the stations, the latter
furnishing B. food largely - the former caters to E. tastes.
Am glad it is cooler and dryer than the last time I
made the trip. Mr. Joe Watson sent his auto to meet me; Miss
C. & I always tip his chauffer a rupee each; he has orders
to drive us wherever we want to go. I usually go to his and
Mr. Robertson's apt. and have a hot tub bath - a real luxury.

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