Letter from William Henry Harrison to Col. James Taylor, 28 December 1811


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Vincennes 28th Decr. 1811.

Dear Sir

Mr Fowler arrived here with the Hospital Stores and Medicines the Eveg before the loss. Having some days before given up the immediate Command of the Regular Troops to Col. Boyd. I sent the paper to him - Mr Fowler informs me that he has moved the [company?] receipts.

I thank you sincerely for the [congratu lations] you offer on the event of the late action And I do not wonder that you should be at a loss to form a correct opinion concerning it - for the accounts which have been published bear no more resemblance to it than to any other action - "Officers & men fighting in their shirt tails" had no existance but in the imaginations of those who wrote the accounts.

I have requested Mr Fowler to take to you a paper containing the latest Indian news.

Be assured that it will give me great pleasure to hear from you whenever an opportunity shall ocur & I promise as much punctuality in my answers as I use in the Correspondence of any of my

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my friends.

Mrs. Harrison is not in good health but nearly as well as usual. Whither I was absent she added an other [?] to our family stock making in all eight.

Mr. Fowler will give you two News papers containing the last Indian Intelligence.

Be pleased to present Mrs. H & myself in the most Respectful terms to Mr. Taylor.

I am Dr sir your friend & [Humble servant] William H. Harrison President Harrison

Colonel James Taylor New Port Mr. Fowler Kentucky

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