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my feelings upon receiving [infor-
-mation] of theire vilanous accusations.
Is it not enough to revoke one
[diprecater?] a public appointment
I remove the greater part of my [furni-
ture] to North Bend tomorrow & shall
have my whole family there in a
few days. It is my sincere wish to
[recreate?] there. I am not insensible
to the claims of patriotism & I do [sup-
-pose] that I should think it my duty
to accept of any office that those
who have the disposal of them
might think me better [quali-
-fied] to fill than an other, but if
there is [trouble?] or honour in [man?]
the office which some of my friends
believe [denigrate?] for [?] is so far
from being desirable that nothing
but the opinion of its being disgraceful
to shrink from posts of difficulty &
responsibility would induce me to
accept it should it be offered me.

But there is no danger of my [undergo-
-ing] this Conflict between duty and [incli-
-nation] - there is an influence opposed
to ['my' crossed out] me which the President will not
be willing to encounter. I am perfectly
willing that that influence should
prevail & leave me to the Humble [em-
-loyment] of a Grazier. I am However
determined to defend my reputation
from every unjust attack & I rely upon
your aid my friend to expose the

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