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order on the 22nd. Sept. I find a letter
from him of that date at Piqua
reporting his arrival there & requesting
to be ordered on - I wish you to give
me information as to these dates - Certain
I am that Jennings was pushed on
as farr as possible after my arrival

I find several very friendly letters
from Jennings to me continued to the
time of his leaving the army - if you are
in want of any explanation from him
would it not be well to write to him -

How came it to pass that the provisions
did not go on farther to Defiance?

It will be material for me to know what
number of Pack Horses & Waggons were
employed to convey Subsistence to the
troops under Winchester - In order to
show the folly of his attempting to advance
particularly with the [?] of [force?]
which he [tried it ??d] ie to add Barbers
& Jennings' Rgts. to those he had with
him. The number of [fine teams?] distroyed
on that line & the great evils produced
by Winchester [stoping?] 50 of those which
were [soon?] on [winter?] provisions will not
be forgotten by you.

I have gotten a precious
moral for the [Rutu...?] - Which they
shall [?] -

Winchester made two
Reports to me of the affair of the River
Raisin, the first dated at [Landc...?] the
latter at Niagara - In the first he says
in a post script that practice requires
him to state that the Provisions
officers as well as privates explained

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Lucio Alvarez

Defiance and Piqua are towns in Ohio.