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N[umber] 62 Rabbit Soup --
Wash the rabbits very well, cut
them in small pieces & put them
in a stew pan Or mug into the
oven with a quart of water, 2
Onions 2 or 3 cloves, a blade of mace,
a little white pepper, & Cayenne
& Salt & 4 oz butter, Stew it for
6 hours examinging very frquently
to prevent it burning, to the side
of the mug & if necesary adding
a little boiling water, rub the
meat thro, a sieve when taken
out of the oven, keeping out a
few of the best pieces from the
back to put into the soup.
Prepare also a stock made from
the bone of a leg of mutton & a
little Veal & take off the fat,
take a tea cup ful of rice which
must first be stewed in water
& boil it in a little of the stock

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