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General Liniment
1/2 pt turpentine 1/2 pt alcohol
1/2 " linseed oil
4 oz aqua ammonia
1 " tincture iodine
Shake well & it is ready
for use.

Iodine Ointment
1 oz iodine 1 pt alcohol let it
stand in the sun twoday
& this is the tincture of Iodine.
Take 2oz of tincture to 1/2 lb of lard
Mix well & you will have
the Ointment

Liquid Blister
take 1/2 pt alcohol 1/2 pt turpen-
tine 4 oz of aquammonia
1 oz of Origanum. Apply this
every 3 hours until it Blis-
ters. Do not repeat oftener than
7 or 8 days

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