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Ring Bone & Spavin cure
of Venise Turpentine 2 oz
Spanish Flies 2 oz
Euphorbium 1 oz
Aqua Ammonia 1 oz
Red Precipitate 1/2 oz
Corrosive Sublimate 1/4 "
Lard 1 1/2 lbs. Pulversie all
fine & put in the lard. Simmer
slowly over coals for 20 minutes
then settle and pore of all but
the settlings. when cold it is
ready for use.

Bone Spavin Past
Corrosive Sublimate 1 oz
Quicksilver 1 oz
Iodine 1 oz
with lard enough to form the
past. Rub the quicksilver
and Iodine together first

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