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For Coffin Joint Receipt
Oil ceder 1 oz
Oil of Turpentine 2 oz
strong camphor
Camphorated spirits of wine 2 oz
Tincture of spanish flies 1/2 oz
Oil Spike 2 oz
Salade Oil 3 oz
Apply to the bottom & in
the pollow under the fetlock
3 times a day & give rest
for a week or two
heat in with a flat iron on the foot

For Strains
Camphor Gum 2 oz
Red ceder oil 1 "
Oil hemlock " 1 "
Oreganum " 1 "
Spirits Turpentine 1 "
Black Oil 1"
[unclear] 1 1/2 pts
Mix & shake [unclear] for use

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The last two lines are very faint. Transcribed as best as possible.