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Condition Powder for Cough
Flour of Sulphur 2 oz
Pulverized Lickotice root 2 "
Mandrake Root 3 "
Gentian 2 "
Fenugreek 2 "
Jamaica Ginger 4 "
Columbo 2 "
[Cayenne crossed out] Black pepper 2 oz
[Black Cohush crossed out] 2 "
Nitri salt peter 2 "
Mix well & let stand 1 day
Dose. One tablespoonful once
a day with oats or Bran mash
The best time to give is at night

Mange in cows & remedy
Wash the parts with Strong
soap suds & mix
Lard 1 pt
Spirits Turpentine 1 oz
Sulphur 2 oz
Sulphuric acid 3 drs
Anoint after
washing and drying.

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