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For Dissentery in Horses
or Cattle
1 oz Laudanum. Tincture of
1 oz Benzoin.
1/2 " Oil of Juniper.
2 " S. Spirits of Nitre.
Doe. 1/2 the above in
1 1/2 pts of warm rainwater
and if need be, in once hour
1/2 the remainder. if not fully
relieved in 1 hour more
give the remaineder.

2d The above is very good for
person in Diarrhea in doses
from 1/2 to 1 teaspoonfull
repeat every hour till stoped.

Cough Powders for horse
6 oz Iron rust in powder ot copperas
2 " Tartrate of potash
2 " anise seed (Pulv)
2 " Carreway seed (Pulv)
2" Elecampagne root (P) at the top

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