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How to make drops to make old
Horses young or get up & Howl.
Tinct Assafoetida 1 oz
Tinct Cantharides 1 oz
Anice Oil 1 oz
Oil Cloves 1 oz
Oil Cinnamon 1 "
Antimony 2 "
Fenugreek 1 "
Alcohol 2 qts Mix and
let it stand 10 or 12 days
Dose 10 drops in a pail of
water or a gallon as you choose

Cleansing Powder
1 lb Ginger. Golden seal 2 oz
1 oz Nitre. 1 oz crude antimony
Mix all well & give table
spoonful every day in Bran
Add to above 1/2 lb flax
seed meal

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