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Compound Blackbery
Cordial for Diarrhoea
Blackberry root Pul 4 oz
Dried black Berries 4 oz
Berberry Bark 2 "
Cranesbill root 1 "
Cinnamon Bark 1 "
Gum Myrrh 1/2 "
Fennel seed 1/2 "
Cloves 1/4 "
Pulv. Sugar 1/2 lb
best rye Whiskie 1 pt.
First bruise all and put them in
3 or 4 qts of soft water with
1/2 of the whiskie & simmer 1/2
a day, or 1/2 reduced. strain
& press out & simmer
down to a pt. add the sugar when
hot. when cold add the rest of
the spirits.
[Along left margin]
dose a teaspoonful
every 2 hours till checked
then 3 or four times a day
for Children from
5 to 30 drops according to age

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