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for Big Leg cure
Rhus Toxicodendrum
10 drops in a wine glass
of water 3 times a day
& to rub on mix the Rhus
1 oz to 15 of water & rub
3 times a day

For Heaves in Horses
Barbados Tar 4 oz
Venis Turpentine 4 "
Castile Soap 4 "
Iron Rust 6 "
Tartrate of Potash 2 "
Heat the above well then stir
in Snnics seed Pulv 4 oz
carraway seed " 2 "
Elecampane Root Pul 2 "
Lickorice Root " 4 "
Dose a table sppon ful 3 times
a day till the cough stops
rides then twice a day till cured.

[Along left margin] Every 2 hours
for 3 doses
& repeat if needed

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