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Heaves Powders for
Barbadoes Tar 4 oz
Venis Turpentine 4 oz
Castile Soap 4 "
Iron Rust 6 "
Tartrate of Potash 2 "
Heat the above all together
add Anice Seed (Pul) 2 oz
Caraway seed (") 2 "
Elecanphane root 2 "
Ginger root 2 "
Lickorice Root 4 "
Mix all well together and
divide into 16 doses. One
every morning till gone

#Recipe for Strains & swillin
Soft Soap 1 oz
Camphor Gum 2 drams
Alcohol 8 oz
Spirits Ammonia 2 oz
Laudanum 2 oz
Mix the first two in the alcohol
then add the others

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