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The Skeleton of the Horse
is composed of 247 Separate
bones. Namely - - -
The spine consists of 1 cervical,
18 Dorsal & 6 lumber vertebra
The Thorax is the dorsel 31
vertebraw with 18 ribs on each
on each side & the sternum
in the middle - Totla 37
The pelvis 2 ossa innominata
& 1 Sacrum - Total 3
The Tail consists of 17 B
The fore extremity on each
side is scapula, Humerus, os
brachii, & 8 carpel, 3 Metacar
pel, os suffraginis, os corona
os pedia, os Navicular, 2 ossa
sesamoidea, Total 20 on a side
The Hind parts consist of the
Ferum Patella Tibia Tibula
6 Tarsal Bones 3 Metatarsal os
navicular 2 sesamoidea 38

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