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A Preventative for Diphtheria
Some weeks ago Dr. Beebe of Chicago, com-
municated to the Tribune of that city, the
result of a painstraking investigation into the
character of scarlet fever and diphtheria, and
announced that he believe sulpho-carbolate
of soda was a preventative of both diseases. He
asked a faithful trial of it, and he now an-
nounces that thus far no reports of the failure
of the sulpho-carbolate to do the needed work
have been sent to him, and he therefore assumes
that it has been as successful in the hands of
other physicians as his own. The dose for an
adult is four grains, pulverised with an equal
amount of sugar; and half that quantity for
children under ten years of age. To prevent
atmospheric contagion the dose should be
taken morning and evening. When either
disease is in a building with non-infected per-
sons, the latter should get four doses a day.
In treatment of either disease the does
may be repeated every two hours, in addition
to other indicated remedies.

a large tablespoonful

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