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Baked Potatoes
One medium sized potato scrub
thoroughly in water with a brush
Pare a thin strip around length-
wise Place on pan in a hot oven
Bake 45 to 60 minutes When done roll
in a clean napkin and twist until
the skin is broken Serve immediately.

Stuffed Potatoes
One potato medium size One Teasp
butter ⅛ teasp salt One Teasp of
milk or cream Baked Potato ac-
cording to directions upon removing
from the oven cut in halves cross-
wise, Scoop out the inside season
and forced through a riser [ricer] Pile
lightly into shells set in a baking
pan and return to the oven Bake
until delicately brown.

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Nice work!
If you like, when breaking a word into two lines, soft break tags are great, and I love using the heading tags myself haha
Here's the page if you're interested in finding out more :)