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Potatoes Souffle
½ cup of hot mashed potatoes
½ egg yolk ½ egg white
Mix the yolk thoroughly
with potato and fold in stiffly
beaten white put in a buttered
baking dish cook in a hot oven
until brown.
Oven Roast
Choose a compacted piece
of beef wipe with a clean damp
cloth, place on a rack in the
roasting pan. Put in a hot
oven with the roaster un-
covered. When well seared re-
move from the oven sprinkle
with salt add a small amount
of water to the roaster & put
the lid on finish cooking

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Great work!
If you like, underline tags (when an underline is present) and head tags look great to make titles pop
Here's the page if you're interested in finding out more :)