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sauce. The egg should be beaten
slightly and one tblsp of water may
be added.

Meat Souffle
½ cup of white Sauce ½ egg yolk
½ egg white Add meat to White Sauce.
Add beaten yolk. Fold in stiffly beaten
white. Bake as for potato souffle
¼ cup of meat

Hashed meat on toast
¼ cup of chopped meat ½ cup of brown
sauce flavored with tomatoes 1 slice
toast Reheat meat with the brown
sauce and pour over toast.

Clearing Soup
1 qt of soup 1 egg shell 1 egg white
Place soup to be cleared in front
of stove. Beat the egg white with egg
shell ½ cup cold water. Add to the
soup. Let boil 5 minutes. Cool on back

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