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C = cups
Tbsp = tablespoon
Tsp = teaspoon
SPK = speck
SSP = salt-spoon
4 tsp, = 1 tblsp
16 tbsp = 1 cup

Sal Soda
Sal Soda [Sodium Carbonate], care in using it. If a
strong cleaner is used, Sal Soda
is excellent It is cheap and is the
basis of most all washing powders
as these are often sold for many times
their value It is more economical
to buy the soda itself on account of
its powerful action on the skin
it must be used with care Do not
add soda directly to the washing
water but dissolve 1 lb of it & 3 C. in
1 qt of water in a sauce pan
over fire. When cool put in a bottle label (Sal Soda)

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