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Baked Apples
Wipe pare and core sour apple put
in an earth or graniteware baking dish
Fill cavity with sugar and six drop of
lemon juice then cover bottom of dish
with boiling water Bake in a hot oven
until soft basting with syrup every
eight minutes care must be taken
that apples do not lose their shape
Serve hot or cold and with or without
cream and sugar

Oyster Omelet
1 C. oysters ---- - 2 tblsp cold water
¾ tblsp butter ----- ¾ tblsp flour
scalded milk, spk salt few grains
of pper make foamy omelet Wash
oysters by putting in strainer place
over bowl pouring over water and picking
over oysters carefully reserve liquor
heat to boiling point Strain through

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