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Butterscotch Chiffon Pie

1 9" baked pie shell 1 C. scalded milk
1 envelope plain gelatin 2 Tb. butter
¼ C. cold water ¼ t. salt
3 eggs, separated ½ t. vanilla
1 C. brown sugar, firmly packed ¼ C. sugar

Soak gelatin in cold water 5 min
Beat yolks, gradually beat in brown
sugar, then beat in milk, gradually.
Add butter and salt, cook in double boiler
stirring until custardlike. Stir in
gelatin. Cool. Add vanilla. Fold in
stiffly beaten egg whites, into which
gran. sugar has been beaten. Pour
into shell.

Prune Brownies

½ C. shortening ¾ C. sifted cake flour
1 C. sugar ¼ t. baking powder
2 eggs, well beaten ¼ t. salt
2 sq. unweetened choc. 1 C. prunes

Cream the shortening, add
sugar gradually, cream thoroly.

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