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it peaks. Pile on cake. Bake at
350° for 50 min. Remove, let stand
20 min, then loosen edges. Invert on
cake rack, remove pan and quickly turn
right side up. Serve in squares, topped
with raspberries.

Heavenly Pie

1½ C. gran. sugar 3 Tb. lemon juice
¼ t. cream tartar 1 Tb. lemon rind
4 eggs, separated 1 pt heavy cream

Sift together 1 C. of sugar and
the cream of tartar. Beat egg white
until stiff but not dry, then gradually
add sugar mixture, beating until
thoroly blended. Use to line sides
and bottom of a 9" or 10" greased pie
plate, being careful not to spread too
close to the rim. Bake in slow
oven 275° for 1 hr. Then cool, Beat
egg yolks slightly, then stir in
remaining ½ C. sugar, the lemon
juice and rind. Cook in top of double

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