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slightly beaten. Use to line 9"
buttered pie plate. Bake 5 min in
350° oven. Cool.
Scald ½ C. milk. Stir into ¾ C.
sugar, mixed with ⅛ t. salt and 3
beaten egg yolks. Cook in double
boiler over hot, not boiling water
stirring until mixture coats spoon.
Remove, stir in 1 Tb. gelatin that
has soaked 5 min in ¼ C. cold
water. When mixture is cool, fold
in 3 egg whites, beaten stiff and 1 t.
vanilla or rum extract. Chill until
beginning to set. Pour into crust.
When firm, before serving top with ½ C.
heavy cream whippped and 2 Tb. grated
semisweet choc.

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