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grated orange rind. Chill until
beginning to set. Add 1 C. cream
whipped. Pour into baked 9" pie
crust. Before serving, arrange
5 sections of orange, pinwheel fashion
on top of pie and sprinkle with ½ C. coconut.

Applesauce Pie

Roll about 4 C. cornflakes with a
rolling pin until fully crushed.
To 1 C. of these fine cornflake crumbs
Add ⅓ C. melted butter and ¼ C. sugar
Line 9" pie plate and chill
Heat 3 C. canned or thick sweet
applesauce with 1½ t. lemon juice
and ½ t. powdered cloves. Add 2 Tb.
plain gelatin, soaked in ¼ C. cold
water for 5 min. Stir until thoroly
dissolved. Chill. Turn chilled apple
sauce into cornflake lined plate, spreading
it well to the edge. Whip ¾ C.
heavy cream. Add 1 Tb. conf. sugar and
spread. Garnish with sprinkle of cloves

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